Smart Logistics Portal

Save time and money with the UK’s first real-time logistics portal

Our smart logistics portal takes the complexity out of managing your logistics & gives you and your partners more visibility and control over shipments than ever before.

We provide you with real-time tracking and collaboration, automatic updates and powerful reporting down to container and carton level. Our portal improves your productivity, lowers your inventory costs as well as provides you with the resilience to handle unexpected events and ensure your cargoes are delivered on time.

Real-time tracking

Our smart logistics portal delivers real-time visual tracking at a container level. Position data is collected from a vessel’s Automatic Identification System transponder (AIS) and downloaded to our smart logistics portal from satellites in low-orbit. This is matched with ship or plane manifests so you can track individual containers or cartons on the vessel actually carrying your cargo – not the vessel on which the operator says it was originally booked. This real-time tracking of vessels and individual containers is a first for a UK forwarder.

Real-time collaboration

The smart portal automatically notifies both you and IFE Digital Logistics simultaneously when, for instance, there is a shipment update or clearance documentation is required. This reduces delays in actioning issues and keeping everyone informed. Controlled access can be granted your staff and logistics partners ensuring that everyone can act on real time information.

Accurate forecasts of ETA

Accurate and independent forecasts of ETA are automatically sent to our smart logistics portal, which will generate an alert if different from the current ETA. We can do this through analysis of 8 years of data from all ships supplying tens of millions of shipping tracks. The analysis provides much more accurate route trajectory and ETA for a particular ship than that provided by the shipping line.

Delivery timeline

Intuitive graphical displays of the delivery timeline for each container can be generated for each segment of any container’s journey by road, rail and ocean, giving much greater visibility on goods in transit.

Urgent shipments

You can highlight any consignment that is urgent so that we know to go the extra mile to ensure that carriers expedite your delivery.

Delivery scheduler

Once a delivery has arrived and cleared customs, the smart logistics portal notifies you and IFE. If you are handling the onward delivery to its final destination, you are able to schedule immediately its delivery and inform your logistics partner.


The above and many other features of the smart logistics portal are summarised in your personal dashboard where unread notifications and alerts are highlighted for your immediate attention. This expedites timely actions and minimises any supply chain disruptions.

Unrivaled data accuracy

We utilize Robotic Process Automation to check shipping information across multiple channels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We process paper and electronic documents like bills of lading, and constantly interrogate carrier and port websites generating unrivaled accuracy on schedules and ETA’s.

Purchase order management

Our purchase order management app aggregates your supply chain data on the smart logistics platform. This provides you with full visibility and exception management of all purchase orders and the ability to create and manage shipments.

Powerful reporting

We include a comprehensive range of search and reporting options which can help identify source of delays & actionable improvements, as well as benchmark the performance of your logistics partners, including IFE Digital Logistics.

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Save time and money with the UK’s first real-time logistics portal which removes complexity & gives you unrivalled visibility and control over shipments.

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