Specialist Services

Specialist Services

Projects / Out of Gauge Cargoes

The experience and expertise to ship anything anywhere.

Some of our varied commissions include:

    • Buses to Africa and the Mediterranean
    • Historic cannon to Malta
    • Complete factories to the Indian sub continent
    • Parts from the vessel breaking yards in Gujarat.
    • Shop fittings from Italy to the Middle East and Caribbean
    • Out of gauge machines from the Far East to the Middle East
    • Hammocks from India to Japan.

Cross Trade

A pioneer in offering cross trade between countries other than UK

IFE Global was one of the first forwarders to offer both air & sea cross trade opportunities. We move cargo booked and paid for in the UK from:

  • China to India
  • Europe to the Middle East
  • Europe to India, Pakistan, Maldives
  • USA to the Middle East

….. and many more

Cargo Insurance

Insurance cover for all cargo movements, whether by sea, air or land.

We can arrange for the insurance of individual shipments, or if you perform regular shipments, we can arrange open marine cover which can provide a more cost effective solution via our underwriters.

All Carriers, Freight Forwarders, Consolidators, Haulage and Warehousing Companies have limits of liability that often fail to cover the replacement value of cargo lost, damaged or stolen. It is therefore important to Insure cargo for the full replacement value which should include:

  • Cost of cargo
  • Costs of shipping to door
  • Customs Duty
  • VAT Charges.

GOH (Garment On Hangar) Services

A productivity enhancing solution to shipping garments on hangars within shipping containers

A significant element in retailers’ pricing structures is the cost of shipping hanging garments to their premises in Europe. The shipping method of manually loading containers rigged with hanging bars is both costly and time consuming. IFE Global offers the Sea-GOH: a unique solution to the logistics challenge.

  • Sea-GOH is a reusable folding frame, providing greater flexibility, increased capacity, improved efficiency and a significant cost saving compared to sea containers rigged with hanging bars
  • It is designed so that eight will fit into a 40’ sea container, with versatile hanging bars allowing space utilisation to match the type of garments and hangers being transported
  • A Sea-GOH can be pre loaded on the factory floor, then rapidly fork lifted into a container ready for shipment.
  • On arrival at the destination port, the Sea-GOH allows decanting by conventional methods or can be mechanically offloaded
  • The container can be immediately returned empty, with the Sea-GOH’s available for selective unloading, short term storage or onward shipment to regional depots.
  • An empty Sea-GOH can be folded flat for return shipment to the clothing manufacturer. Up to 64 folded Sea-GOH’s can be shipped in one container. The product’s green credentials have received much praise.
  • Sea-GOH is designed and produced by Sunrise Global Innovations. UK Patent Application No. 1016758.3.

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