Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance

Navigate this complex maze with our expert help

After the arrival of your cargo by sea or air you will need to get your goods through customs clearance before taking delivery. Our experienced team can ease all the physical, procedural and bureaucratic hold-ups that importers can encounter, ensuring the necessary paperwork is delivered in as timely a way as possible.

  • All forms of Customs declarations
  • Product classification – With Customs Tariffs
  • OPR / IPR
  • Embassy / Diplomatic
  • Warehousing / Freeports
  • Private / Personal effects
  • Vehicles New / Used

We have a direct link to the Customs ‘CHIEF’ computer system installed at all major ports. This enables our customers to send all their documents to the one IFE office or even to our smart logistics portal wherever their goods are due to arrive. No longer will you need to worry whether you have sent the right documents to the right office.

Our smart logistics portal takes the complexity out of your logistics operation & gives you more visibility and control over shipments and paperwork than ever before. The portal provides you with real-time tracking and collaboration, automatic updates and powerful reporting to improve your productivity, lower your inventory costs as well as provide you with the resilience to handle unexpected events.

With our “Track and Trace” facility you can stay in touch with the progress of your clearance and delivery or just know that we have received your documents.

We understand that speed and service in today’s world are of fundamental importance to you and your business, So why not achieve both!

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Save time and money with the UK’s first real-time logistics portal which removes complexity & gives you unrivalled visibility and control over shipments.

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