Air Freight

Air Freight

Services to and from any part of the world at competitive prices through a premier global network of leading air cargo providers

Our links with major airlines and operators through the Neutral Air Partner organisation ensures a high quality and responsive service with the best rates available. Same day collections and deliveries are available for the most urgent of despatches. Read more about our global alliances.

Our smart logistics portal takes the complexity out of your logistics operation & gives you more visibility and control over shipments than ever before. The portal provides you with real-time tracking and collaboration, automatic updates and powerful reporting to improve your productivity, lower your inventory costs as well as provide you with the resilience to handle unexpected events.

Same day express collections and deliveries are available for the most urgent of despatches. Economy services  can defer shipment to the most convenient time for the airline. We can provide bespoke courier services that are flexible and fast.

USA Service

IFE Global and its dedicated USA specialists can tailor your supply chain throughout the USA.

We offer full coverage of the US Mainland, consolidating weekly and bi-weekly via the main Ocean and Air gateways of New York, Chicago, Los Angeles & Atlanta. We control the contents of our containers minimising risk of delay with Customs upon arrival at US or UK ports, where we undertake swift transferral for road or rail delivery. If required our carefully selected unpacking facilities ensure safe, timely retrieval and unpacking of airline pallets and ocean containers for onward despatch.

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Save time and money with the UK’s first real-time logistics portal which removes complexity & gives you unrivalled visibility and control over shipments.

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