Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team

Experienced team dedicated to delivering your cargo on time

Our smart logistics portal makes it simple to collaborate with your global team of 75 operations and customs experts, either through the portal’s extensive collaboration tools, or by telephone if the occasion demands it.

This combination of system alerts and notifications, backed up by your responsive and knowledgeable operations team, are dedicated to delivering your cargo to its destination on time.

Our ISO 9001 quality accreditation supports our commitment to delivering quality and innovation through 5 global offices.

Paul Rye
Paul Rye
Sea Imports
Ingrid Allam
Jamie Cramer
Managing Director
Jason Cottrell
Air Freight
frankie hubert alan higby joe wright
Frank Hubert
Sea Exports
Alan Higby
General Imports
Joe Wright
Dieter Parish
Finance Director
daren de'ath John-Lowe
Darren De’ath
Sarah Morris
John Lowe

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Save time and money with the UK’s first real-time logistics portal which removes complexity & gives you unrivalled visibility and control over shipments.

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