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IFE Global has taken ownership of a customs approved warehouse in Basildon that is strategically located midway between the two major UK container terminals of London Gateway and Felixstowe. The customs approval allows importers to store goods with duty or import VAT payments suspended.

The customs approved warehouse is pivotal in plans to deliver an FBA & ecommerce fulfilment service. To this end, IFE Global has become a member of the Pallet-Track network which provides a wide choice of delivery options and a state-of-the-art materials handling system including real time tracking.


Building on its strong position in handling Chinese imports, IFE Global has launched a fulfilment service focused on FBA and Ecommerce fulfilment.

Our Fulfilment Logistics Service will pick up goods from the factory and deliver to Amazon and eCommerce warehouses in UK and EU. The service can also deliver to the end customer from its own fulfilment warehouse strategically located in Basildon, midway between the two major container ports of London Gateway and Felixstowe.

Our Tax Fulfilment Service provides the expert help needed to navigate the complex tax rules in the EU and advise on the customs and tax procedures for importing into the UK. We can deal with VAT registration and VAT reclaim.

Our dedicated fulfilment teams include UK based Chinese speaking staff and certified UK accountants to provide fast company registration and all matters relating to fiscal representation.

Save time and money with the UK’s first real-time logistics portal which removes complexity & gives you unrivalled visibility and control over shipments.

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