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IFE Global operate a weekly service offering full coverage of the U.S. Mainland via its main ocean and air gateways at New York, Chicago, Los Angeles & Atlanta. To further grow the southern areas of the USA, IFE Global has partnered with Everglory Logistics.

Everglory Logistics is a full service logistics provider with leadership from one of Asia’s top freight forwarding companies and has grown to four North American offices in less than four years. This new partnership consolidates the existing successful arrangement with Universal Logistics Holdings and Rose Containerline.

Everglory, Rose and Universal all reflect the IFE Global key values of quality, innovation and customer focus. Their strong pan-USA coverage is enhanced by their local knowledge of respectively the South, EastCoast and Midwest. IFE Global and partners will be leveraging these strong local connections to grow both imports and exports between the USA and UK.

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